Venture Investing Accelerator

Accelerate your venture investing career.

Venture Investing Accelerator

Accelerate your venture investing career.


Joshy Jacob

Faculty - IIM Ahmedabad

Kunal Upadhyay

Co-founder - IIMA Ventures & Managing Partner, Bharat Innovation Fund

Vipul Patel

Partner - Seed Investing, IIMA Ventures

Priyanka Chopra

COO & Managing Partner, IIMA Ventures

Sushma Kaushik

Founding Partner, 108 Ventures

Vinod Shankar

Co-Founder and Partner, Java Capital

Balagopal Gopalakrishnan

Faculty - IIM Ahmedabad

Sanea Vakaliya

CFO at Bharat Innovation Fund | Director Finance & Legal at IIMA Ventures

Soniya Sadhanani

Manager - Seed & Acceleration, IIMA Ventures

About the Program

The Venture Investing Accelerator, starting from 13th June, 2024 and ending on 18 October, 2024, is a learning program designed to sharpen the skills of venture investing professionals early in their careers. Be it building a sharper venture investing thesis, to setting up your own fund, this accelerator brings the best in both knowledge & one-on-one customised support in a unique blend of 'learning-by-doing' format. A small and select cohort of participants will learn from & network with IIMA Professors, IIMA Venture Partners, established experts of venture investing in India. As a part of this program, they will also access one-on-one mentoring on their customised milestones, which will be designed to push them into the next phase of their career as an early stage investor. The program begins from June 13, with a 3 day bootcamp on the IIM Ahmedabad campus. The program fee includes accommodation in Ahmedabad.

Program Objectives

Give a very select cohort of venture investing professionals access to scientific knowledge about the inner workings of the startup and venture investing ecosystem in India, and provide them with customised support to ensure their professional journey as an investing professional decidedly trends upwards. The participants will have the unique opportunity to learn-by-doing, by setting their own milestones, and achieving them under the one-on-one guidance of senior members of the investing & fundraising teams of IIMA Ventures.


Intensive 3-day in-person bootcamp on IIM Ahmedabad campus

Participants will attend an exclusive 3-day bootcamp on the IIM Ahmedabad campus. They will learn from IIMA professors, IIMA Ventures' Partners, and leading industry experts. From masterclasses, hands-on workshops, closed door firesides & panels, to first of its kind case discussions modelled on the Indian startup ecosystem.

4 months of one-on-one coaching

This is what sets this program apart. Participants access 4 months of one-on-one coaching with an assigned senior member of IIMA Ventures' fundraising & investment team. Over this period, participants set customised milestones relevant to their journey - be it a deal, or a fund, or something else - and go on to learn by doing, under the guidance of their mentors.

Network with your instructors and peers

Network with a carefully curated cohort of peers, as well as your instructors - ranging from industry veterans in the venture investing ecosystem, IIMA Venture Partners who bring over many years of combined experience in fundraising & investing.


    Understand startups, how they work and create value. Get acquainted with the investment landscape, fund types & investment stages. Understand risk-return frameworks, and more.

    Develop an investment thesis. Understand the role of LPs, discover other must-knows of operating in equity and venture debt investment space.

    Developing a comprehensive approach for developing sourcing channels, evaluating rubrics for selecting startups, preparing investment memos.

    Learn about governing bodies and important compliance requirements, understand how to structure funds, develop a view on fund level P&L, how to structure incentives and distribution.

    Learn about building & structuring deal flows, performance monitoring, frameworks, designing profitable liquidity events, designing & documenting exit plans.

    Learn the approach to startup performance metrics (financial, traction, other) through different growth stages & sectors, structuring MIS reporting for investees, guiding & supporting startups, board seats, and developing indicators for exits.

    Learn valuation methodologies for startups, understand & structure dilution for value protection, stricture term sheets.

    Build a scouting and evaluation framework to maximise investment outcomes for GPs.

    Unpack the complexities around syndication including conflicts, secondaries and LP reporting and taxation.

    Get acquainted with the right technology tools for fund management and build team-leading mindsets and capabilities.

    In person boot camp tailormade for new investors and case-based teaching methodologies. Dive into India-centric case-studies for improved learning.

    30-60 minutes check-ins with IIMA Ventures team or subject matter experts to provide guidance.

Who Should Apply

Professionals in the early stages of their careers in early stage investing

    • The Venture Investing Accelerator is designed for professionals who are just starting out in their careers as angel investors, fund managers, corporate venture investing managers and General Partners.

Professionals in family offices and corporate venture capital units

    • Content is suitable for family offices, and corporate venture investing professionals looking to set up funds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The accelerator starts with a 3-day bootcamp, from the 13 June through 15 June, 2024 on the IIM Ahmedabad Campus. The one-on-one deep dives kick off right after, and continue till the end of the program, which is 18 October, 2024.

The accelerator starts with a 3-day intensive bootcamp on the IIMA Campus. Thereafter, the accelerator offers an intensive one-on-one coaching through online sessions.

The total cost is INR 3,90,000, inclusive of accommodation during the 3-day bootcamp.

The accelerator will be useful for angel investors, family offices, fund managers, corporate venture investing professionals and aspiring GPs.