Studio by IIMA Ventures

A Venture Creation Program to co-build startups alongside entrepreneurs, by IIMA Ventures

Studio by IIMA Ventures

A Venture Creation Program to co-build startups alongside entrepreneurs, by IIMA Ventures

About the Program

Studio by IIMA Ventures is an innovative venture creation program designed to co-build startups alongside entrepreneurs. The program offers comprehensive support, including financial investment, mentorship, and resources to transform validated ideas into successful ventures. With a rolling application model, IIMA Ventures continuously partners with Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) to refine business ideas, validate problem statements, and test solutions.

Program Objectives

Work closely with entrepreneurs to develop market-validated ideas and transform them into successful startups.

Offer substantial support including $100k investment and $500k worth of benefits to approved ventures.

Provide access to mentorship, industry experts, regulatory guidance and potential clients.

Enable startups to pilot with early adopters, refine their MVP, and present to a network of potential investors.


Thesis Sprint

Co-build industry landscape and identify white spaces through deep-dives and strategy sessions with experts, including trend assessment and market sizing.

Design Sprint

Provide support in building core teams, rapid prototyping, and testing concepts with early adopters. Includes technical assistance in product development, quality testing, and technology incorporation.

Entrepreneurial Workshops

Build an entrepreneurial mindset for identifying opportunities and applying best practices. Support first-generation entrepreneurs in learning the nuances of business through targeted sessions.

Compliance and Finance Support

Assist with accounting, government certifications, and statutory compliances. Help refine business plans and connect ventures with investors, banks, and relevant government schemes.

Market Linkage

Provide business connections, collaboration opportunities, and networking with stakeholders. Culminates in a Demo Day where startups present to IIMA Ventures' network of Funds, Family Offices, and HNIs.

Comprehensive Resource Package

Offer substantial support including $100k investment, and $500k worth of benefits to approved ventures.


Who Should Apply

Visionary Entrepreneurs

  • a foundational insight and domain expertise to build from scratch

Industry Professionals

  • a willingness to lead and build a venture


  • a vision to engage in a collaborative venture creation process

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is best suited for entrepreneurs at the pre-ideation or early thesis-building stage. The idea is to identify individuals flexible enough to benefit from our co-building approach.

While some in-person sessions may be required, much of the program can be conducted remotely. We understand the importance of flexibility for entrepreneurs and strive to accommodate different working arrangements.

The program is structured into several key phases over six months. Starting with Thesis Sprint (3 months), where we work with EIRs to validate their ideas through deep-dives/strategy sessions. Next is Design Sprint (Months 4-6), focusing on building the venture's core team, testing the initial concept with early adopters, and preparing for a Demo Day where startups present to a network of investors and industry partners.