Scaling Financial Technology Startups

Growth-focused acceleration and funding support for disruptive and inclusive financial technologies.

Scaling Financial Technology Startups

Growth-focused acceleration and funding support for disruptive and inclusive financial technologies.

About the Program

India’s FinTech industry is the third largest FinTech ecosystem in the world. However, large segments of the Indian market remain significantly underserved. These untapped opportunities combined with high internet penetration, expanded middle-income households and favorable government initiatives create large growth potential for fintechs. The program supports early-stage startups that are building innovative fintech solutions for the Indian market and catalyzing financial inclusion.

Program Objectives

A focused deep engagement with startups to identify gaps & address them, and access to costly financial data.

Catalytic support will bridge the funding gap, technical assistance and business progression will close the knowledge gap, thereby helping elevate their capacity, leverage a wider range of investors, build quality prototypes; and in-turn grow the FinTech innovation and tech-entrepreneurship ecosystem in India.

Capital infusion to change the risk-return profile of innovation or build a prototype.

What we Offer

Catalytic Capital

Funding up to 75 lakhs to help validate the path to scale-up


Strategic advisory and mentoring for growth

Portfolio Support

Access to potential partners and investors

Partner Benefits

Cloud credits worth $5000+ and other benefits from different service partners

Our Startups

Our Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is suited for startups building technology solutions in the FinTech domain. Solutions that are at the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or/and stages of early traction will be preferred.

CIIE.CO, in consultation with the startup and experts, will set specific milestones for each startup. The startups will then work towards achieving these milestones with support from us. Training, mentoring, technical assistance and market access will be provided as needed and feasible. Portfolio support will continue for six months including support in raising follow-on funding.

Yes, you need to be a registered firm to apply.

Yes. We are open to considering your application. Do highlight the support you received from the previous programs.

Once an application is received, we will review it for alignment with the program’s objectives. If aligned, we will schedule a call with the startup for further discussion. Accordingly, program participation will be finalized post evaluation, due-diligence and approval from our Investment Committee.

Yes. If selected, the founders will be required to share mentoring equity in the company with CIIE.CO at the start of the program.

The catalytic capital will be disbursed as per our policies in the form of costs anticipated / incurred by the startup towards achieving its milestones, in two to three tranches. A paperless process has been set up to ensure faster disbursement of the funding. Certain expenses are not allowed (founder salaries, alcohol etc.)

Being an incubator, CIIE.CO can make workspaces available for startups on a chargeable basis if needed. However, the program does not specifically require the startups to be based out of Ahmedabad or any other incubation space of CIIE.CO.

Technical assistance may be in the form of mentor/ expert consultations and market connections. We also offers from its partners special subsidized/ sponsored deals or credits from AWS, Notion, RazorPay, Zoho, etc. Details of the same will be shared once the startup is onboarded.

While it is good to have a website to understand the offering of the startup better, not having one does not negatively affect your candidature. If you have relevant presentations or videos, feel free to upload those as links, to support us in getting a perspective of your startup.

Selected startups will be required to share monthly updates in a prescribed format shared by us and attend regular portfolio meetings. Startups would also be required to be receptive to inputs and work collaboratively.