Fintech for Women’s Financial Inclusion

Specialized support for women-focused innovations in fintech

Fintech for Women’s Financial Inclusion

Specialized support for women-focused innovations in fintech

About the Program

As one of the fastest growing segments in India’s startup landscape, Fintechs have the opportunity to close India’s long standing gender gap in financial inclusion and unlock a massive market of under-recognized and financially underserved women. Addressing this gap requires intentional strategies and innovations tailored to women. This program offers essential support to early stage and ready-to-scale startups in building, validating and scaling intentionally designed fintech solutions, aiming to cumulatively impact 25 million women across India.

Program Objectives

Facilitate creation and scale-up of intentionally designed financial products for underserved women by providing high-potential startups with funding, tailored mentorship, strategic partnerships, and resources.

Equip founders with data-backed insights and toolkits, fostering cross-learning on proven strategies for women-centric product creation and identifying untapped opportunities.

Hone a community of practice for cross-industry learning and collaborations that actively contribute to systemic change in women's financial inclusion.

What we Offer

Catalytic Support

Financial assistance up to INR 50 Lakhs for early-stage startups and INR 1 Crore for late-stage ventures and large enterprises.

Gender-Intentionality Mentoring

Contextualized advisory on business cases, strategies, data harvesting, product testing and effective scale-up.

Portfolio Support

Collaboration opportunities, partnerships, investor connects.

Learning Resources

Evidence-driven #Buildingforher Playbooks, market studies and customer insights.

Workshops and Sprints

Expert-led sprints and workshops on themes essential to #Buildingforher.

Community Engagement

Thoughtfully designed large format knowledge-sharing and change-making platforms, including industry summits, curated roundtables, showcases and advocacy initiatives.

Who can Apply


    • Fintechs, prototype-to-growth stage startups.
    • Actively innovating gender-intentional, technology-enabled product and channel solutions.

Focus Area

    • Building, testing, and scaling solutions.
    • Addressing financial service needs of underserved women across sectors, segments and geographies.

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