Assam Agribusiness Growth Lab

IIMA Ventures has launched ‘AAGL’ program under Assam Agri-business and Rural Transformation Project (APART) to support and accelerate growth of agri and allied enterprises in Assam.

Assam Agribusiness Growth Lab

IIMA Ventures has launched ‘AAGL’ program under Assam Agri-business and Rural Transformation Project (APART) to support and accelerate growth of agri and allied enterprises in Assam.

About the Program

Assam Agribusiness Growth (AAGL) is an initiative of APART, ARIAS Society, Government of Assam. AAGL built by IIMA Ventures co-implements the project with ICCSPL (Innovative Change Collaborative Services Pvt. Ltd.), a Project Consultancy firm based in Delhi with vast experience in the Northeast. Launched in 2021, AAGL is an 8 month acceleration program that seeks out 25 agribusiness enterprises per year and the 4 year support from APART is designed for AAGL to solve for critical interventions in entrepreneurship scene of Assam and is reviewed by World Bank. AAGL is now selecting its 3rd cohort. For an overview, 88% of the cohort in year 1 achieved at least 3 of the outcomes that are foci of the AAGL program, with 20 new products, increase in turnover across the cohort by at least 20%, 5.6 Crore INR mobilized in finance etc. The story gets better in Cohort 2. The support includes virtual diagnostic and mentoring clinics tailored to individual founders, focusing on areas such as packaging, distribution channels, communication, markets, quality, and other forms of technical assistance.

Program Objectives

Support 100 including 28 women led agri and allied enterprises in 4 years (25 each year) through a structured process and incubation support.

Assisting enterprises to develop new products and services which create opportunities for business growth.

Enterprises would be supported to develop new technologies, adopt techniques and methodologies which can enhance their production capabilities as well as help them expand in newer markets.

Technical Assistance in improving product quality, packaging standards, etc to compete in the larger markets. Such technical support will ensure that they easily get licenses and approvals.

Enterprises selected in the program would be provided support to improve their business pitch/reports which can provide them with access to finance from investors, banks, NBFCs and under the specific schemes of the government.

Program Offerings

Entrepreneurial Workshops

Building Entrepreneurial mindset for identifying best opportunities and applying best practices in business.

Business Sessions

Supporting 1st generation entrepreneurs to learn the nuances in different aspects of business.

Technical Assistance

Support in product quality & testing, new product development, packaging, technology incorporation.

Assistance in Compliance

Assistance in accounting, government certifications for products, statutory compliances, automation of processes.

Market Linkage

Provide business connects, collaboration opportunities, networking with stakeholders, building online presence.

Access to Finance

Assistance in refining DPRs, selecting best modes of finance and connecting to Angel/VC investors, Banks, govt. schemes.

Focus areas in Agri & Allied Sectors

    • Solutions in crop protection and nutrition
    • Providing optimized seeds to farmers
    • Feed Production & Supply in Live Stock & Fishing Industry
    • Providing seedlings to farmers for crop production
    • Fresh water Fish Hatchery production service for fish farmers
    • Predictive Health and Nutrition Management (Animal Husbandry)

    • Facilitating farm equipment to farmers
    • Providing production services including knowledge transfer, farm analytics etc
    • Services in drying, sorting and grading of farm produce
    • Providing alternate power solutions to farmers for farming
    • Providing irrigation solutions to farmers
    • Farm automation services through new age technology
    • Improving Cattle Management & Food Productivity for small dairy farmers

    • Processing farm produce into food ingredients/ready to eat products
    • Dairy processing and dairy products
    • Processing of meat, pork, poultry
    • Farm processed Health & Nutrition products

    • Innovative solutions in agri logistics for farmers
    • Storage discovery platform for farmers
    • Cold storage solutions for micro farmers
    • Warehouse receipt financing

    • Enterprises working in the silk supply chain
    • Fibre solutions from farm produce/by products in Apparel & Packaging
    • Enterprises producing Utility products through agri produce/by products

    • Facilitating market access to farmers and FPCs
    • Providing Aggregating services to agri, dairy and other farmers
    • Providing market insights to farmers in agri and silk production
    • Enterprises enabling farm to corporate for farmers/FPCs

Who can Apply


    • Have an IP protected innovative idea. Interested in taking the idea
    • forward and making real-life impact. Applying their research to Lifescience.


    • Driven by solving life science problems that have not been solved before
    • Want to take an innovative idea forward in leadership capacity

Startup Cohort

Support & Implementation Partners


Arijit Sarmah

Team Leader

Amitav Dutta

Entrepreneurship Specialist

Prasanjit Das

Finance Specialist

Lopa Baruah

Incubation Specialist

Dr. Gayatri Baruah

Communications Specialist