CIIE.CO launches People and Culture Accelerator for 30 startups

August 1, 2023

CIIE.CO at IIM-Ahmedabad announced that it has launched a first-of-its-kind People and Culture Accelerator to accelerate 30 startups. The 3-month program will include startups across pre-series A – Series B and will include an intensive bootcamp on IIM Ahmedabad campus, bespoke mentoring and various other benefits for startups to overcome a variety of HR-related challenges including hiring, performance management, attrition, formalization, etc.

The firm also added that during the program, startups will focus on various challenges, including but not limited to hiring, attrition, founder’s leadership abilities, culture-building, compensation and benefits, and performance management and appraisals.

“Building a startup is serious work and people are at the centre of everything that startups do. We designed this accelerator to help address a variety of people related challenges that every other startup faces. Over our 20 year journey, we have intentionally built people and culture capacities in our supported startups. We are now opening this to the entire startup ecosystem, hoping to aid startups with tools that can enable them to build bigger and better,” said Supriya Sharma, Partner, CIIE.CO.

With the upcoming People and Culture Accelerator, CIIE.CO aims to empower founders with foundational knowledge, tools, frameworks and first principles to safely scale to the next stage. The platform also claimed that it has mentored over 5000 startups, invested in around 350 startups and trained more than 2000 startups as part of its incubation and acceleration programs.