Building Tomorrow’s Startup Capitals

Helping founders build sustainable and scalable startups across the Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities of India

Building Tomorrow’s Startup Capitals

Helping founders build sustainable and scalable startups across the Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities of India

What we do

IIMA Ventures enables and activates startup ecosystems across multiple regions of India. We aim to support and nurture early stage startups by developing the startup ecosystem through partnerships, mentoring, funding and collaborations. We provide startups with support both physically as well as virtually so that their ventures can scale rapidly. Our physical presence is across Ahmedabad, Indore, Jaipur and Guwahati.

what we offer


Interactive expert led knowledge sessions and workshops for students and aspiring entrepreneurs.


Boosters for aspiring entrepreneurs and students to provide feedback on their business ideas. Pitches for early stage startups for fund raising.


Programs ranging from 3 months to 12 months for early-stage startups through a combination of structured support and mentoring.


Supporting early stage startups with catalytic funds for product development and growth.

Explore our Locations

Our Ahmedabad centre is based within the lush campus of the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, with over 50,000 sq.ft. of space and an infrastructure designed to suit the needs of the startups. The Rajasthan Incubation Centre hosts a facility of 15,000 sq ft in the heart of the city. In 2021, we set up the Indore Centre as a joint initiative of Indore Smart City and IIMA Ventures to support the startups in this region. Since 2021, IIMA Ventures has been implementing the 'AAGL' Program in Guwahati under Assam Agri-business and Rural Transformation Project (APART) with object to accelerate 100 agri startups over 4 years.






Nurturing Regional Startups

With the objective of democratizing entrepreneurship, IIMA Ventures built Innocity - a modular, on-demand, and easy to access startup support platform. Innocity offers a variety of inputs including training sessions, networking events, booster sessions and pitches - all of these unbundled and accessible on demand. Innocity sessions are conducted by our regional teams across locations and are conducted at regular intervals (monthly boosters and sessions and quarterly pitches) to ensure continuity of support.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. It is not mandatory for you to have a registered company to apply for incubation support. However, for some of our funding programs having a registered for-profit company might be mandatory

Individuals, startups, and founders who are working on an innovative idea and would want support in business modelling, mentoring and other services

No. The space is not free of cost but it does come at a fairly discounted rate as compared to the market rates

Details of upcoming and active programs are given on our website. We also do regular social media outreach for the same

Yes. Being supported by another incubator does not in any way prevent you from applying for incubation support from us

Yes. You can apply for multiple programs

Our support is essentially focused on enabling startup founders to get a better understanding of their business models and the key risks so that they can take the actions necessary. The support in terms of mentoring, advisory, and business planning is provided from that perspective.

We do not have a special support service that enables a startup to search for co-founders, but we do conduct networking events at our centres regularly which could help in finding co-founders

While the evaluation criteria might vary from program to program, in general the following parameters would be important - team quality, innovation, understanding of the domain, size of the opportunity and potential impact

Not necessary. A lot of our programs offer support virtually too

No. Our Centres provide initial incubation support for early stage startup founders, especially in the initial formative stages of the startup's lifecycle. A lot of startups move out of our Centres into bigger offices post the incubation.

Supporting women entrepreneurs is a priority for us. However special support and services for women entrepreneurs are available only if there is a women-specific program active at our centre(s)

No. As of now we do not have any such facility.

In general, it is 6 months but it can be extended based on mutual agreement

It depends from program to program - for some programs we could get back with the status in less than 2 weeks, but for some other programs which might have a wider outreach, the period could go upto 45 days

No. We are sector agnostic in terms of our support though we have some focus sectors around our larger themes of Innovation and Inclusion

Our mentoring comes as part of an incubation process that we have developed and refined over the years. While most of our mentors are highly experienced professionals and sector experts, it is the process of mentoring that differentiates our support.

In general, we support startups that are at an early stage and therefore need incubation support the most

We could wherever we have the necessary networks. We also offer specific programs which are focussed on enabling startups to access early customers, typically B2B customers like corporates

Depending on the program, we offer all three forms of funds to startups.

the ticket size varies from program to program, but in general it would range from Rs 5 lakhs grants to Rs 50 lakhs of convertible debt or equity

There are some programs that come with deep support and at times with financial support, where we may take some equity against the support provided.

Yes. We conduct regular pitches and demo days where such connections with follow-on investors are enabled.

Generally, it takes up to a month.